He is passionate about giving back to the music community.

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Impressive, entertaining, engaging - Since 2002, Tim has contributed to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembrance Celebration program, where he provides a musical start to the day. He is a fabulous saxophonist, and he shares his talent with everyone who attends the program. Tim also produced his own CD and donated all the funds collected at the event to the Dublin Parents of Black Students Association.


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DeRomeo Harris - He is verrrry good!

Gavin Evans Yes he is.... just saw him at Easton not long ago.... he taught me to play scales when i was a kid.

Annual Collins Jr I definitely agree....do it bro

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When he went to college he minored in music and majored in sociology.  He didn’t play much at the time because his attention shifted to playing professional football as a future career.  He came close to the dream but fail short and chose to returned to his first passion, playing the saxophone.  He began playing in churches and eventually branched out to various other genres such as Smooth Jazz, Latin Jazz, R&B, NeoSoul, Rock and Funk.  He began to increase his solo career by performing at weddings, birthday parties and other special event’s. 

tim would like to share with you his GOD GIVEN TALENT AND PASSION.

Tim started playing the saxophone at the early age of 10.  he was extremely passionate about playing the saxophone.  he can remember when his 5th grade music teacher wanted him to play the clarinet instead of the saxophone and his mother agreed with the music teachers decision.  Tim disagreed but it didn’t matter.  But what he can tell you is that after 3 weeks of playing the clarinet it mysteriously broke in half and that's when he started his journey as a saxophonist. .

Tim Tolber