DeRomeo Harris - He is verrrry good!

Gavin Evans Yes he is.... just saw him at Easton not long ago.... he taught me to play scales when i was a kid.

Annual Collins Jr I definitely it bro

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tim would like to share with you his GOD GIVEN TALENT AND PASSION.

He adds SPARKLE and ELEGANCE while mingling comfortably at any function, corporate or private, dinner parties, cocktail hours, weddings, wine tastings, fundraisers and all other occasions and events. These days Tim continues playing regularly both in clubs and concerts with his own band, “Liberated Soul Project”,  and does frequent guest appearances and freelance gigs. With his attractive and soulful sounds on his horns, his versatility remains in constant demand.“I'm thrilled to be doing what I'm doing,” he says. “I’m very fortunate to be able to work at something I’m passionate about. I plan to continue putting my music out there as long as I am able, and hope people continue to enjoy it. That’s what makes me very happy.”



He is passionate about giving back to the music community.

Impressive, entertaining, engaging - Since 2002, Tim has contributed to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembrance Celebration program, where he provides a musical start to the day. He is a fabulous saxophonist, and he shares his talent with everyone who attends the program. Tim also produced his own CD and donated all the funds collected at the event to the Dublin Parents of Black Students Association.

About Me

Tim Tolber

Tim is extremely passionate and a seasoned saxophonist with over 35 years of experience. He is considered a virtuoso soprano, alto and tenor saxophone player. He has shared the stage with many well-known local musicians and various other Smooth Jazz, Rock, Funk and R&B bands.  He has a strong musical foundation in Gospel, Smooth Jazz, Pop, Blues, Funk, Rock, R&B and Neo-soul. As a solo performer, he has perfected his SKILL AS A SAXOPOHONIST which has scintillated many audience'S.