Tim Tolber

DeRomeo Harris - He is verrrry good!

Gavin Evans Yes he is.... just saw him at Easton not long ago.... he taught me to play scales when i was a kid.

Annual Collins Jr I definitely agree....do it bro

I'm passionate about giving back to the music community.

 I started playing the saxophone at the early age of 10.  I was extremely passionate about playing the saxophone.  I can remember when my 5th grade music teacher wanted me to play the clarinet instead of the saxophone and my mother agreed with his decision.  I disagreed but it didn’t matter.  But what I can tell you, after 3 weeks of playing the clarinet it (mysteriously) broke in half and that's when I started my journey as a saxophonist.

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When I went to college I minored in music, major in sociology.  I didn’t play much at the time because my attention shifted to playing professional football.  I came close to the dream but fell a little short so I returned to my first passion, playing the sax.  I began playing in churches until I branched out to various Smooth Jazz, R&B, Rock and Funk bands.  I began to increase my solo playing by performing at weddings, birthday parties and other special event’s. 



I'd like to share with you my GOD GIVEN TALENT AND PASSION.

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